New Mesa Mark amp coming?


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So someone was posting at the FAS forum about amp in the room, etc. They mentioned they have a Mesa Mark VI on order. Which obviously is a newer model.
They mentioned the price point being around $4k for the head and 2x12. Will be interesting to see what happens! I would love to take another trip to Boogie town with their modern feature set :guiness
I'll believe it when I see it. Wonder if it's like Randall Smith's last design before retirement or something.
In all honesty; I am not sure what it would bring to the table that the JP IIC+ I had for a brief period did not. Definitely wasn't the right time for me with it then. Too much desire to tweak without the basic knowlegde on how I need to approach that particular circuit. I LOVE that simul-class power amp though :chef
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the V seems like it compromised true Mark versatility to accommodate the entire Mark history and other British type of tones.

Yes, I found this odd too, when I owned one for a bit. I'd rather an amp just be it's own thing than a historical collection of things. Cool idea and I get why they were happy/proud to do it, but it didn't work for me, overall.
Put the updated reactive load in the JP-2C and you have a perfect, great sounding, and compact setup.
Mesa usually releases new stuff in early November.