NAD: Enter the Badlands


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About 2.5 years ago I went into a local guitar shop just to buy a little Boss Katana Mini as we were in the middle of moving and all my gear was in storage. I happened to grab a Jackson Pro Series HT7 to test the Katana and absolutely fell in love with the guitar. I bought the Katana and went back home, moved some things around in my budget, sold a few guitars and went back to buy that HT7.

When I got back to the store, the staff were oohing and aahhing over the newest amp they stocked, a Mesa Boogie Badlander 50.

I grabbed the Jackson, plugged it into the Badlander and fell so in love with the amp I almost bought it over the guitar. But, the Jackson was $1300 and the Badlander was $2250... so, $$ made that decision for me. :rofl

And, I absolutely love the Jackson. But, I added the Badlander to my gear bucket list. And, thanks to @Desertdweller - the one guy I think Mesa Boogie should be sponsoring in the online community - my love for Mesa tones grew even more.

Earlier this week, while looking for a Kayak on Marketplace, an ad hit my feed for a pristine Mesa Boogie Badlander 50. The guy was asking $500 less than the lowest price I'd ever seen one. The only catch? He lives an hour and a half away in the middle of nowhere. Once again, I moved some budget stuff around, sold a few guitars and made the 3+ hour round trip after work yesterday.


Came with the cover and foot switch too.


That insane storm that hit the mid-US last night was blasting through when I first got it home, so haven't had much chance to mess around with it yet, but what little I did get sounded just as glorious as I remembered.


Edit: (For some reason the vid link doesn't seem to work - but it's there in case it's a 'net glitch preventing it from loading)
Daaaaamnnnn bro!!! Can’t wait to hear this!!!
I haven't mic'ed an amp in forever, and haven't figured out how to use the emulated out yet, but soon. In the meantime I can text you some Voice Message clips. #HiFi! :rofl