Some folks DO, while others make clickbait garbage.


I offer you this

So something is going to destroy my FAS products? Rendering them inoperable? That would really suck, because I’ve made exponentially more money with them than they cost me, providing good value and trouble free operation for about 5 years now. I was so happy with them, until I stumbled upon this video telling me I’ve wasted my money.

Oh wait, an alleged better product has come along? Well, that may or may not be but I’m of little concern as my stuff keeps on ticking and has proven excellent value and reliability over the years.

Thankfully, I consider the source and know better. I’d really like to know what this guy has done other than rope a half a million people into watching him turn beat red on camera. How much money has he made either with a guitar in his hand or moving faders? I haven’t gotten rich doing it either, but for the love of god a little humility goes a long way.

I guess the bright side in all this is at least he’s not capitalizing on his breasts.
Imaging making a video where you agree with this shit.

Screenshot 2023-03-12 144354.png

People who don't even understand how a fridge works running their mouths about "the rise of AI" is peak, peak internet.
I mean, he’s legit trolling at this point. I‘m assuming over his years of clickbaiting he figured out which hornet’s nest gives the best interaction in the comments section after he kicks it. Just look at that thumbnail, it’s so over the top it can’t be taken seriously, from the title of the video to the face. I don’t need to watch the video to know he’s not going to make a legitimate point or argument, it solely exists to rile people up.
he's just an audio edgelord/troll, in a way I actually really respect how he transitioned out of recording bands (and if we're honest, failing) and turning towards youtube and being tremendously successful.

my biggest issue is the sort of attitude's he gives off may lead less educated/younger views to follow suit. Its beyond me how he can constantly complain about musicians (and particularly bassists) when you see what his playing is like. Let alone the fact that some of the greatest producers and mixers ever are from a bass playing background. I also hate the whole smashing things up for attention, there's nothing funny about it and he's way too old to be finding that kind of shit funny.