Just saw Tool

I've never heard of Tool. When the OP said he went to a Tool show, I thought it was like a show for the latest tools on the market like hammers and saws etc.lol

Living in a rural area doesn't expose you too much. The radio is country, religious or classic rock music and NPR classical music.

Hmmm... Hammers and Saws might be a good death metal band name.

Anyway on to YouTube to check out "Tool". What's their best tune?

You’ll get a million different answers to that, but this one is easily my favorite and most likely always will be, especially when you hit 7:20-

I’ll spare you the Fibonacci sequence explanation that makes up the majority of the song in one of the most musical dorky, meta accomplishments they’ve done.
Best tool song? LMAO Which seven?

The Patient is always one of my favorites. By the time Maynard gets to “But I’m still right here, giving blood, keeping faith, and I’m still right here” I’m about ready to throw down with a brick wall if need be. :ROFLMAO:

I have had a Dean in the past, and those headstocks are lethal on a tight stage. Lethal I tell ya! :wat

My '81 Dean Z. When I'm going to play Metal, this is what I reach for. Best neck carve I've ever felt. The binding is gently rounded so it fits perfectly in your hand. I saw it in the window of a hardware store in Philadelphia and immediately went home to get the cash.

It’s funny you mention the guitar being too loud @DrewJD82. I was at the Baltimore show a couple weeks ago and perceived the same thing. Honestly I’m not 100% it wasn’t because we were both on the same side of the stage as his amps….almost wondering if he’s beating out the PA when you stand near that rig.

I also suspect that feedback he’s using is from the amp volume directly and not the monitors. He plays the feedback like an instrument, it’s part of the performance, even in the studio. IMO feedback driven by a wedge sounds and feels a little different.

In either event, amazing show. My wife was really won over by the end which was a surprise since the most aggressive stuff she listens to is fall out boy.

The guys did a great job. We had the same set list.
While we're posting cool stuff in here, this is one of my favourite videos on YT.
Early Tool, so it's before Justin joined the band, but they're fucking angry and tight as hell. So killer.

I spent many an evening at JC Dobbs. Very small and narrow club. A wonderful place to see any band. Would have loved to have seen Tool there.

"In happier times, Dobbs, then known as JC Dobbs, was one of those “I was there when …” places, having hosted the before-they-were-famous likes of Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, the Indigo Girls and the Offspring."