Welcome, newcomers!


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Just wanted to make a thread for the influx of newcomers we have after someone asked about JT’s whereabouts at TheOtherPlace.


If you’re coming from TGP (TheOtherPlaceTM), you’ll recognize a lot of familiar faces!

The most commonly asked question about this place is “How is it different from TGP?”, so let me clarify some of that right out of the gate for you-

The base group that started this forum was invited here by the owners because of their personalities and contributions on other forums throughout the years. We wanted to build a good base for the forum to build off of and I feel we’ve done a good job at that.

You cannot hide behind bullsh*t moderation here. We have some pretty basic rules; no racism, bigotry or overt politics. In 6 months we’ve only banned 2 users who broke those rules intentionally to test their limits. We prefer not to ban people, but if one is inclined to act like an asshat, so be it. As I said it originally, don’t piss in our pool.

If someone says something you don’t like you have 2 options: counter their argument or ignore them. In rare cases do we intervene when two people are going head to head. For the most part, we just send the thread to The Inferno, which is a sub you can only see as a registered member. You can duke it out all you want there, just remember that hard rule about bigotry, racism and politics.

It’s quite chill here. Sure, disagreements pop up for various reasons, but at this point, I don’t believe our ignore button is getting a lot of use and like I said, we’ve only banned 2 people in about 6 months time.

You won’t get banned for arguing with a mod or questioning our practices.
You won’t get banned for telling someone you don’t like a product.
You won’t get banned if you feel very strongly about something others don’t.
You won’t get banned because you don’t like a band other people do.
You won’t get banned for writing f*ck instead of letting our curse filter do the work.

And yes, this forum was created when some of us were banned from TGP due to a particular group of people abusing TGP‘s “moderation”. For anyone who has posted in the D&M sub for the last year, this most certainly is not a secret. If you’re joining here and played a part in that, you‘re on your own here.

This forum is self-funded. We do not take money from advertisers, gear companies, YouTubers, don’t hook mods up from other forums with favors and don’t favor certain products over others because it may be a benefit to the forum. We’re paid up for a while to come and how we handle the funding of the forum in the future is currently undecided as it needs to be weighed against forum traffic and costs, but I believe it’s safe to say we’re at the point we’re going to keep this going. I don’t know exactly how many members we have, but it must be approaching 400-500 at this point and we’re very stoked about that. We honestly weren’t sure if it was just going to be 15 people talking over and over again then fizzle out, so it’s awesome to see it continue to grow.

Again, welcome and we look forward to seeing your posts!!

(Also, for anyone who never figured it out- I’m also RevDrucifer on *every* other forum I post(ed) on)
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This small Community is so awesome so much talented knowledgeable folks and the funniest bunch ever the LOL emoji and the 100% emoji are probably the most used
and @DrewJD82 i'll gladly take some coin from my Fractal Savings to be a supporting member :D

Yes, same and very well put, @Stone . It's great and honestly the people here make me smile and laugh several times a day. It's also pretty remarkable how many important/key figures are active here.
Great job, @DrewJD82 and @JiveTurkey and those behind the scenes, and thank you. :beer