The Full Stack was my answer

It’s been a few years since I’ve played through a full stack. I haven’t rocked one for my own rig since high school when I had my Legacy rig. Hahaha we were fortunate that my best friend’s dad owned a music store, we had a stupidly oversized PA for the basement we jammed in; two 2x15’s with big ass horns on top and two 2x18 subs, we were in a room that barely fit all the gear and would mic EVERYTHING to put through the PA. :LOL: It’s probably why I‘ve never knocked any of my girlfriends up, my testes were getting smashed by sub frequencies from an early age.
This was in direct response to some dumb TGP thread about how, surprise, surprise; you run a modeler through a half stack and it sounds like an amp.
Hey Rev, I didn’t have the subwoofers… wasn’t really a big thing in PAs yet. But I did have a pair of EV1 Eliminators which were monster cabinets w/ 15” drivers and big horns (awful).

Had them in my apartment as my stereo speakers for a while in between gigs.

Thank God I lived above a frozen food warehouse at the time. Goodyear tire shop using pneumatic wrenches all day next door.

I figured it was a competition.

Some other time I’ll tell you when I got a noise complaint from a mile and a half away.
I love how his dog is totally not fazed by the volume.

Also, Steve Lukather has the clams, too. There is hope!

My dog comes and sits by my 412 when I’m playing. (Music only a dog could appreciate :ROFLMAO: )

All fun and games until she gets tangled in the cords and bolts :oops: