Psyched! Just scored a pretty rad drum riser on craigslist

Bob Zaod

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Been thinking about trying to build one and I was prepared to buy the materials (roughly 300 bucks) Was perusing craigslist and saw one for 100 bucks. Called the number and I was the first to call. Picking it up tomorrow morning. From the pics the thing is built like a tank and portable to boot.

I will refinish it to my specs but I'm pretty excited to be able to have a drum riser for the places that dont have one or even a stage.
No pix no believe.

The numbered panels are slotted and the top is piano hinged. He has a rope set up with PVC that makes it "easy to carry" I guess. In several trips of course. Obviously will be re-carpeting the top at the least. Thinking either Christmas lights or a light rope around the skirting. I doubt that anyone could build this right now without spending 4x what I am getting it for. The guy just wants it out of his garage.
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$100 is definitely a steal for that. Nice score! When you said Christmas lights it made me think of the dangling "icicle" looking ones: