I'm jinxing myself I know but...what a deal.

Bob Zaod

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Got a guy who says he will sell me his Headrush Pedalboard (yes the gigantic one bigger than a Helix) with a decksaver for 400 bucks! I mean how can I turn that down? That would be insane to turn down. You can barely find the MX5 much cheaper than that used. The pics he sent me the thing looks like he never touched it. I am currently all in on this Headrush stuff. It's pretty underrated round gear forums from what I can see. I know what my ears and hands tell me.
Yeah that’s a good deal I think they sell for $700 or so used. You can flip and make some cash if needed!
Had just one ROD and two USB failures. Mint condition!
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Let us know if you reverse course later. Not that you ever would…


Was talking with a long time guitar buddy earlier. he was like..."Why don't you just buy a Helix LT for the 3rd time, you know that's where this ends up right'? LOL He's probably right but for me the journey is as fun as the destination.