NAD: + NCD: Bogner Ecstasy 101B + Bogner 2x12 OS


Technically a week ago, but new to this "Alternate Multiverse"
Finally wielded at Band Practice.
1/2 power, AB, New.
I had the Clean set via online guides to be most Fender Twin Like. Presence assigned & turned to 0 with Volume Maxed using Gain for Volume.
I think I was excursions in the Middle.
Ch2/3 Gain Structure looks High in the Pic, but I thought I settled on Low.
Ch2 Blue was B2 Knobs where you see
Ch3 Red was B2 & Plexi Mode. I didn't find much I liked outside of Plexi Mode for Ch3.
I was playing Ch2 & Ch3Plexi a lot straight up or with an old SD1 for "More", the Boost worked good, but often raised volume too much to use for Rhythm without lowering that Channel.
Boost does nothing in plexi Mode, but it sounded great. With the SD1 it was some of the best tone I've had. Solo Boosted with my 1981 TS808 & optionally added FD2 for "More"
I also got some fantastic tones with Ch2 & Ch3Plexi with my TS808
I also had the Loop Jumpered with the Master on Back to give me a bit more volume, but I don't see this as necessary with this Amp & the Pedals I mixed in.
Honeymoon Stage... sure... but this was my best tones ever. It's like having a Fender Twin Clean/Edge of Breakup + a Plexi + a the Bogner Blue which is just fantastic.

Pics/Dials after 1st go
Anyone care to school me on the various Ecstasy Revisions? No need to include the 3534. Interested
in the distinctions related to the various big boy XTCs.

Thanks! :beer
Only ~ 100 made. Very open. Variac mode. Universal love for this but high plate voltages and manufacturing difficulties lead to revision.

101b White Chassis: cab switching and class A mode replace variac mode. A step back in tone

101b CLASSIC: chrome faceplate. More open like the 100. Could be stiff for some.

101b and 101b/s black chassis (‘97-‘04?): terrific sounding especially with the early transformers. This blue channel everyone does for and more open red.

2004 red channel revision: more gain and compression due to demand that ultimately led to the Uberschall. Sounds good just too much.

20th Anniversay A&B: designed with 6L6s in mind, and I think the A is the better-sounding amp. Best clean tone in the XTC lineup. Red is very reminiscent of the 100. Many don’t like the blue channel as it has a tad less compression. To me, the 20th A (in the smaller head shell and metal grill front) is perhaps the greatest Marshall-family channel-switching amp in the world.

Issues: the green channel is best set counter to the other channels as mentioned elsewhere. The loop changes the tone enough that I stopped using it in sessions (the Metro-Friedman loop is better).
FYI: I have the large Synergy head (6L6 based) and the Ecstasy module with very good glass and it gets me there. Love it. I also have a Telos head which I love as well.