Helix Floor with no expression pedal!

Alex Kenivel

Rock Star
TGF Recording Artist



The dusty screen protectors add to that "look what I found in a yard sale for 3$ !" look.
Not a pretty sight indeed.
Still a helluva deal for 3 clams!
Ew. Grody.
You should've seen it before I Brushed it off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's been sitting under my desk for over a year or so, needed some work on the expression pedal and back under the desk it goes! My Stomp rig has been my rig outside of the house. If stage space allows me, I might be using it again for the new band I'm hoping to join, so time to get it (functioning) in tip top shape.
this would only be pleasing with more buttons where the exp should be