End Of The Inaugural Annual Bi-Centennial Do Something Challenge- Totals And Weiner Announced!


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We have a tie between @Iron1 and @TravisG406!!!! That’s impressive, gents!!!

Aside from posting in every thread from hereon forward with your chest proudly aimed towards the sky, you have the very rare opportunity to choose from 1 of 3 pedals you can buy on eBay for $20!

Joyo Vintage Overdrive (Tubescreamer)
Joyo Vintage Phase (Phase 90….I think it’s called a Vintage Phase?)
Mooer Triangle Muff (it’s a tiny f*cker and requires a power supply I don’t have)

Shoot me a PM with whatever ya want, if you both go for the same thing I’ll flip for it. Tight work, guys!!!!!!

@Iron1- 26!!
@sotipay - 1
@Alex Kenivel - 15!!
@duzie - 2
@FAKA! - 8
@metropolis_4 - 3
@TJontheRoad - 8
@SeeD - 2
@Fireproof - 1
@la szum - 4
@Piing - 5
@TheTrueZoltan! - 5
@Jarick - 1
@JiveTurkey - 5
@woody - 3
@Gearzilla - 6 (f*ck it, why not?)
@Whizzinby - 6
@TravisG406 - 26!!!
@fretworn -6
@Bruce - 7
@DrewJD82 -4
@mbenigni -1
@norminal -5
@the-trooper -1
@AminorZmajor -1
@FuzzyAce -1
@Moondog Wily -1

This challenge went far better than I expected!!! Usually these tend to drop off after the first 2-3 weeks and due to my poor housekeeping, this lasted a lot longer than 8 weeks!! Like I said previously, Iron1 will be taking over challenge duties and will surely keep things in better order than myself, so for my last day as housekeeper, I’m just going to ask that we discuss the future of the challenges in the Discussion thread instead of this one. There’s already a bunch of ideas in there and to longer this goes on and things change, it’s good to go back and have a reference of why we changed things or what we’ve already done.

Really, thank you for participating everyone. After a while I started attaching the musical output to your avatars, almost like when you see a band logo/symbol you have an imprint of their music in your head, that’s pretty cool in my book! And for those who started from the very beginning, just getting an input into a DAW, DAMN!!! Big, big props to you guys for not JUST getting an input into a DAW but coming up with some really great stuff as a result, on multiple instruments!
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26? WTF? Both of you go have more sex, or develop a bad drinking habit. Something normal. Man! :ROFLMAO:

Congrats to the Winners, and everyone else who made an offering before the Challenge Gods. :beer
I have 5 kids 8 years old and under right now, wrote a lot of these a while ago and this gave me the push to stay up to stupid hours of the night demoing them lol

Now to get some sleep! Thanks Drew!
So cool to see (and hear!) so many participants and entries. Totally blows me away at how much talent exists on these forums.

(insert cheese Ruben Kincaid pep talk about how we're all winners...)

Really sorry I fell out of the game (after one half-baked entry LOL.) I haven't even had time to read along, or listen to all of the submissions. Everything I did listen to was very impressive. TGF is a seriously talented bunch.

Hoping to get my ass back in gear and start posting some unsolicited clips soon.
My bad! I even had you written on my list!

You submitted others in previous weeks, didn’t you? Or were those outside the challenge?
Thanks Drew! I did not submit those others to the challenge because they were just cover songs ;~)) Besides, I would rather be tied for last place than be third from last or something like that!!
Congrats to all!!! Very cool hearing y’all play!!! I hope one day soon I can learn how to use this awesome tech that is available and do some recording as well…
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