Brian Wampler / Wampler Pedals AMA

Sweet pickles or dill pickles?

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f**k yes!

I own no Wampler pedals (mainly a modeler guy) but as a newbie circuit bender, I THOROUGHLY enjoy your YT videos.
Keep rockin!

Any advice about tools for someone getting into building pedals? I'm in the throws of my first build!
Make sure you understand the basics of reading schematics. Then, buy a breadboard and some parts and build a booster. Then build a simple overdrive. Then realize that there are many circuit "blocks" that allow you to add, say, a tone control to that booster, or overdrive. Then experiment with a different type of tone control. Basically, always be curious.
Do goats really make good pets?

And who is the best country guitar player, and why is it Brent Mason?
They *sometimes* do, but they aren't very cuddly. They do a great job of keeping the grass cut in the pasture though!

I know this is a tongue in cheek question, but honest answer is I don't think there's a "best" anything. I love things about Brent's style, or BP's style, or Vince's style, and everyone else in between. Each one of them have that 'thing' that you instantly know who it is even if you've never heard the song before, that's what I love.
How come we don’t see many Boss BD-2 clones on the market? Have you ever considered making one? I’d love one with bass/mid/treble controls. 🤤
Keeley makes one, but not many other 'higher end" builders that I know of. I'm not sure why, I think the skeleton of that circuit is a great place to start from and making something interesting! I'm not a big fan of 1:1 clones though, I typically like to do my own spin on them.
Huge fan of your work Brian.

I always enjoy when you sneak some hair metal riffs into your videos. What's your favourite album from that era?
I've always been a HUGE George Lynch fan, and earlier queensryche, skid row first two albums, earlier Ratt stuff. A lot of the cliched 80s "metal" or rock is what I grew up on, so it kind of holds a nostalgic special place for me.

I’d love to hear more about your original bd-2 mods and how Brent Mason came about using them
I had been a big fan of BM in the 90s, and even named one of my kids after him (before I knew him personally), so I was quite familiar with the tones he preferred and his normal gear of choice. So I just modified a BD-2 to be a bit more along those lines, as the core circuit of the bd-2 is a great modding platform! I think originally i did the bd-2, then took it to nashville where he was playing in a small club and gave it to him. After that I ended up modifying a ton of his gear.