Decades ago I moved from near Philadelphia to Miami. Everyone from the Philadelphia/New York region lamented the lack of a decent Italian sub sandwich in Florida. First they complained that you couldn’t grow a decent tomato in Florida soil, but then they said there are plenty of committed migrants from the far off land of New Jersey who cracked the code. Then they realized it was the bread. So everyone lamented that nobody in the south could make good Italian bread. One shop even went so far as to have their bread imported from a Philadelphia bakery so you knew you were getting the real deal, genuine article. But some folks said the shipping process altered things and it just wasn’t the same.

Meanwhile, there was a sandwich shop ona corner in South Beach Miami serving incredible ham and Brie sandwiches on fresh baguettes. But that’s not an Italian sub so nobody cared.

Meanwhile, the scientists got to work dissecting what was going on with Italian American bread and why couldn’t it be reproduced in Florida. Everyone agreed it must be the water. Rumor had it people started importing the water from up north. But a good Italian sub remained elusive.

Then a company started called Subway claiming to make sub sandwiches, but what they made barely even resembled a proper sub sandwich, and later on there was questions about whether their ingredients even constitute bread and cheese. They have become an international billion dollar company.

Then it was published that scientists tested and tested and concluded that the bread is not about the water at all, and really it’s just about having good recipes and talented bakers who learned from other talented bakers and can follow good recipes.

I left Miami decades ago. However, last time I visited the sandwich shop in south beach is still there making a killer brie on baguette.
Speaking of bagels (and admittedly food I should be ashamed of liking but am not); the steak egg bagel at McDonald's was :chef and those jerks discontinued it :mad:
Here's a weird McDonalds food fact, and only available in Québec:

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Poutine​

Yes, it's crap... but I still like it occasionally. McDonalds equivalent of finding that rare Pokémon card!

Large size: 2020 Cals!

I get terrible acid indigestion after that high calorie bad boy too.

Okay. Yeah... maybe there aren't any redeeming features after all.
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Here's a weird Macdonalds food fact, and only available in Québec:

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Poutine​

Yes, it's crap... but I still like it occasionally. Macdonalds equivalent of finding that rare Pokémon card!

Dude, I love those Montreal smoked-meat sandwiches…

Might be taco del pero for all I know.