NPD: The best reverb I've played, the Neunaber Illumine


I've owned a lot of reverb pedals. Eventide, GFI Specular Tempus, Big Sky, Axe FX reverb models, etc, and while all of those are amazing, this is on a whole other level. I don't say that lightly as I love the GFI, and Fractal units especially. I've had it for about 4-5 weeks now, and I still haven't even built my own preset. The 50 or so factory presets are just that good. It even has some delays in it that sound amazing. Mind you, I like big lush reverbs, but this thing does everything from the huge Neunaber Wet sounds to a tight room ambience that just sounds perfect.

I have no idea why it needed an OLED screen, but I'm not complaining, I just hope it lasts because this is a pedal I can see myself keeping for 10+ years.


I'm definitely on my way to making one of the gear-snobbiest rigs ever. I could play a show with this rig. Pedals on top of the amp, tuner and overdrive before the amp input, the delay and reverb in the loop, and use the RK's pedal to bring in and out the loop pedals.


Not my video, but this is a really good clip of what the pedal sounds like:

It’s awesome you’re getting on with it.

I bought the Immerse a month ago, and I just havent gelled with it yet. I’m trying to keep it on the board to see if grows on me.
I’ve been meaning to revisit the Neunaber stuff, especially the illumine. I’m really happy with what I have, but I’m curious about the Neunaber stuff and how it compares…

I had a stereo Wet+EXP for a while, fantastic sounds with a clunky interface. Best reverb I've had.
I love my Immerse Mk II. My question is have you tried that and if so how is the Illumine better?
This is the video that sold the most WET's I think. Hopefully the new one still does this magic reverb.