I got this at the end of March but never posted it here

Fuckin thing rules

Gear Pimp is way cooler. Not sure how it would go over with the P & W Crowd, though. Even if
it is, technically speaking, more accurate.
The Gear Pimp saw me with my head down and thought he’d won…

… until I said Amen. 🙏
Putting my sales engineers children through college one Authentic™ purchase at a time

Maybe I’m confusing it with another one, but I thought you got this for like $1250 or something crazy like that? Edit- Derp, I thought I was replying to Devin. :whistle
Sam Ash had a limited run of the original SB's back in ~'03 I think it was, and I bought one on a whim. The thing I remember that distinguished it from the early one was the back was all black, not bursted. And the silver went closer to the edges. I didn't keep it long.

But that one of @Devin's and @Jambi's are SO beautiful, they remind me of when I first opened my case at Chuck Levin's over 4 decades ago. I honestly never liked how they faded.

@TSJMajesty Probably got his for less
Juuust a bit! ;)