Mick Mars Sues Motley Crue


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Daaaaamnnnn son!

F*ck those guys. He’s the only dude in that band that has never made them look bad with some nasty public issue*, just showed up and played his f*cking parts even with his health condition.

I was wondering a couple weeks ago when Carmine Appice started lighting up the band if Mick would be pissed that he was airing some dirty laundry but now I see why he wouldn’t be.

FWIW, that bit about Tommy’s parts being on tape and that supposed video of him missing a cue; that was literally his count off being played as he was making his way to the kit, once he started playing it was pretty obvious he was actually playing and what we were heard was just his click track cueing him up. And if Vince’s vocals are on tape they need to find some better f*ckin’ tape. :rofl

*until someone watches some documentaries and hears Mars talk
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