HX Stomp 4CM with amp -- something's missing

Alex Kenivel

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So I've had my PRS MT15 for a little while -- been running it through the gauntlet. Today I finally made an obvious revelation that most other people already know and have read about -- tone suck. I realized after unplugging my Stomp from the loop of the amp that there was a loss of volume and high end. Wanting to regain that back, but still wanting to use the Stomp in 4CM I tweaked some output parameters until things were sounding right while A/Bing the results of the speaker's output with and without the Stomp in the loop. I added some low end, some high end, and some volume.

Output Block:

Global EQ (can also be accomplished with a Parametric EQ):
Freq: 100Hz
Q: 0.7
Gain: 3.0dB
Freq: 4.1kHz
Q: 0.7
Gain: +2.6db

These small changes got me back to the sound of the amp without The Stomp and extra cables.
Toe sucking? Yuck. Oh wait, not on OnlyFans anymore…

Ultimately, “tone suck” is what ended my happiness with the HXFX in 4cm. It really muffles/colours the sound.

Which really sucked (toes), because the HXFX is absolutely perfect for me: effects only, perfect size, perfect number of switches, light, easy to use (see sig).

That’s cool you found a workaround for the Stomp, though. (I don’t think the HXFX has a Global EQ?)

Part of my current happiness with my FM9 in 4cm is its total opposite of tone suck: it actually sounds better than plugging straight in, not exaggerating. 4cm with FM9 is the best my base tone has ever sounded, bar none.