Helix Firmware 3.60

Please read the Release Notes here.
Thank you very much sir

So which of these new amps is the one DI alluded to as the most dynamic line 6 amp evarrrr??
Thanks DI and Line 6!

Release notes are super helpful for the amp, it's kind of confusing with all the options but I'll have to spend some serious time with it. I honestly still don't know what a Dumble is supposed to sound like.

Dark Dove Fuzz is awesome, much closer to the fuzz tone in my head compared to the other Big Muffs.
I know this, there's no going back to the old way of modeling amps with multi-gain-stage bypasses and filter switches, Line 6's killing it.

I honestly still don't know what a Dumble is supposed to sound like.
Think of a Mesa Mark style amp, a tonestack followed by several gain stages, all the switches change the tonestack configuration.
Grammatico GSG - two pages of text.
Elmsley - two pages of text.
Agua Sledge - oh yeah, that thing is also there :LOL:

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We shall not stand for this! Justice for Agua Sledge!
Here you go:
  • Gain—controls the Gain
  • Drive—controls the Drive
  • Bass—controls the Bass
  • Mid Level—controls the Mid Level
  • Mid Freq—controls the Mid Frequency
  • Treble—controls the Treble
  • Master—controls the Master volume
Yeay!!! Im cheering my but off for y’all, while i throw a short grin towards my Pod Go.

Seriously happy though. Line 6 delivers as usual, giving stuff!
So nice... <3

I have tomorrow and Friday off, that's pretty pretty pretty good. :D

Thanks L6!!!

PS, slight bummer though: HX FX users only get two new toys to play with, one of which is stereo only. Anyhow, I guess that means I'll stick to Native for checking out the new models. The amps seem tasty!
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