3.6 When ?


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What would you like to see? What is likely the next step ? and of course when ?

Coming SooN !

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+1 to the Silver Jubilee.

Might as well throw in the Boss Turbo Distortion and the Ibanez WH-2 wah so I can really cop those John Frusciante tones ;)
I’d love a new 2203 but given how it’s a simple circuit, to use the spare DSP with a few selectable mods (variable NFB (so we can get the 2204 and 2203 tones), some different cathode bypass cap options, depth circuit, 3 way bright switch, POSSIBLY another gain stage).

I know we have the 2204 mod model but Lee Jackson is probably my least favourite of the known Marshall modder.
More Marshall Plexi and Fender Princeton/Deluxe because clearly they do not have enough of those in that box. :idea
Nothing against the last update, it's a great update... But... Anyone else find it weird how many T75 cabs were in the update? It seems like that's not a very popular speaker relative to the greenback or creamback.