This Slipknot track is awesome

Not bad. Need to give their new stuff a look.

I sorta dismissed them after their first album when they were part of the nu metal scene, but Iowa and Subliminal Verses are just undeniably great records.
They have always been what they are. I find myself liking some stuff and certainly not liking other stuff. I find their image to be engaging at times and then eyerolljnco at others for no real discernable reason. I haven't heard anything else from this. I did enjoy bits and pieces of their last album though.
Any band that relies on gimmicks, like masks for example, never got any attention from me.

Stone Sour is awesome btw
Any band that relies on gimmicks, like masks for example, never got any attention from me.

Stone Sour is awesome btw
I agree in some situations. I am weird about Corey Taylor internet over-exposure as well :rofl

Edited for I'm actually more weird about Stone Sour and the fact that they owe their entire existence outside of the state of Iowa to Slipknot than their paint by numbers modern rock easy way out by numbers musical output.
That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to check out their new album. I was really into a couple albums (Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses, All Hope Is Gone) back when I was into bodybuilding. Lots of their songs made it to my workout playlist!
This song is very meh. I loved Slipknot as a kid, would play MFKR and self-titled to death. Loved Iowa, was happy to hear more guitar gymnastics in Vol 3 but they kinda lost me at that point.

They were a very strong band when you ignore the gimmicks.
IDGAF what they look like, this new album is pretty damn good. I've listened to it 10-15x now, which is about 9-14x more than the last album. I couldn't stand these guys for a long time, it wasn't until All Hope Is Gone came out that I started to take interest. I LOVE catchy music and Corey Taylor can write an earworm like a muthaf*cka. Dude is an outstanding vocalist, too.

Can't really blame him for the over-exposure on the internet, I think Blabbermouth, MetalInjection and those rag mag sites can take blame for that. The dude just does the interviews, I don't think he's sending quotes to Blabbermouth telling them "Hey, post this guys!". He IS a total type-A personality, which I tend not to jive with on a personal level, but I don't have to deal with him. :cool:
I really got into them with Vol 3 and All Hope Is Gone. Kind of lost internet with The Gray Chapter.

I need to go listen to this new one!