Pizza fight

Fresh vegetables. Best pizza in the whole fvckin' world @ Pizzeria Capricciosa, Dortmund.

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I was with you up until Mozzarella and then I had to jump off the Kenivel pizza train.
Not my first choice but the reality is I have to compromise with the other 4 people in the house. If I had my way there'd be olives and provalone, and probably more veggies but the actual reality is I try to stay away from bread and cheese if at all possible.
NY Style is my preference, but I'll generally eat just about any pizza- the less hipster the better.

Preferred NY style baseline test - Cheese only, order by the slice and reheat for a few minutes in the oven. A little oregano and very light garlic powder. If that's correct, then order with whatever toppings you want for the next slice.

I can tell if the pizza is going to be like what I grew up on just by the smell when I walk into the place, next visual clue is the oven, final visual cue is the pizza guys hand tossing and kneading the dough where everyone in the place can see it.