One last mod on the Edwards (for now)


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It came stock with Gotoh petal tuners but I must have gotten a sh*tty set or something, I’d turn those things forever and get random jumps in pitch instead of gradual ones and they just didn’t feel good to turn, not smooth. (Yes, I tightened them up) I had an Amazon gift card kickin’ around so I bought….more Gotoh’s :ROFLMAO:


But they’re locking, so no more silliness. Nice and smooth like I’d expect from a Gotoh.

Also, I haven’t used Ernie Ball strings in over a decade, but my EMG’s came with 6 packs of them and I grabbed the gauge my buddy and I both use since he always forgets to buy strings when I take care of his guitars. I figured I’d try them for gaggles and shats just to see if maybe I’d been in NYXL land too long. Nope. I haven’t. I don’t know if getting ultra picky or sensitive to things just comes with age, but these sound like ass unplugged and plugged in. Exaggerated highs and none of the lower mids of the NYXL’s, I’m not sure I’ll even have them on long enough to wear them out.
No dont think its an age thing its more experience, and yes strings make a difference in feel and tone
i either use NYXL or Elixirs never cared for Ernie Ball

I was FAR less picky about tonal things in my younger years. If it went chug chug I was happy. Now it has to go chug chug but without some exaggeration happening in the 3-5khz area. :rofl I used to love Blue Steels and Boomers, I’m curious to try a pack now.