NAD - back in Mesa land


I’ve been without a Mesa for 7 months needed to fix that



Just brought the roadster home :love:

Fucks super hard just like I remember. Probably pissed off my neighbors a lot for the last half hour. Dialed in a nice tone in tweed mode channel 1, channel 2 stunning cleans in fat mode. No idea how I’ll dial in channel 3 yet but obviously crushing brutality on channel 4. Only other recto I’ve owned was a rectoverb 50 combo and this definitely shits all over it.

Have practice in an hour too so I’ll be able to really put it through the paces right away. My pedalboard is at my drummers so I haven’t tried boosting it yet. Can’t say “I need a boost” is running through my head sounds plenty brutal on its own but I’ll definitely slam it with the SD-1 later too

The foot switch is absurd :lol:
Looks like a helluva lot of fun! Enjoy! :beer

(Scrolling down the pics, I thought the Roadster, JVM, and 1960A were stacked on another Roadster and smaller cab at bottom, for a second... :rofl )
Thanks guys!!

Definitely have some work cut out for me on the tweaking/experimentation front but preliminary plug and play practice it sounded incredible. I was using my Sg special. Bridge P90 a little noisy when cranking channel 4 but to be expected. Gonna bring my LP next practice

Got a nice mid gain tone dialed in on channel 3 raw last night as well so getting settled on my modes each channel

One thing they really stood out is how clear and powerful single note riffs and lead work sound out. Liquid and singing with serious thump and wallop behind each note

I did leave it at my Drummed house. As much as I want to have the new toy at home I know trying to dial it in at my apartment won’t be of much use in practical scenarios, and I have plenty of toys here (surprisingly, JVM half stack does apartment volume tones best I think lol)

I’m also lazy and since I was bringing my ENGL back home I didn’t feel like moving two heads

Another pick from the grimy practice space

That Rivera cab has the worst speakers celestion ever made and all my amps still manage to sound good through it. Probably going to start getting some V30s and/or cream backs here soon…..
I'll probably never own a tube head/cab again. But Jeebus that's freakin' sweet.

A Recto/JVM combo covers a lot of ground.

They're a pretty epic pair!

I need to run them in stereo and try and cop some adam jones tones

Finally have practice again tonight. Regret leaving it at my drummers house since friday I think I'll be bringing it back home tonight lol
You did so good. My favorite rectifiers are the Road King and Roadster. They're just the most brutal crushing rectos and they have some special sauce for sure!

Enjoy it, crush your eardrums and post some clips!!