How Many KWh Are You Using Per Month?

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Given the cost of energy discussion elsewhere it led me to wonder how much energy/KWhs
some of us may be consuming per month.

I just entered my readings and it was 460 used since the first of December. I tend to average
about 400 to 500 per month, with about a peak of 600-650 if I have to use the AC a lot in the
peak of summer.
I used about 700 last month.

We have 2 electric cars at the moment and that pushes the electric bill up while cutting the petrol cost to zero, so that isn’t too bad. In summer the solar PV cuts the cost and we don’t need AC in the UK
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The house we bought came with solar. It’s a 10 kW system and our utility offers “credit” so they act like storage/battery.

In December, which is probably our heaviest electrical usage month (winter is dark and cold.) we used 1.6 MW, but we make about 75% of what we use.

This chart shows the annual production of solar by month over the last years. There’s a data gap in March/April 2020 because that’s when the house was bought.

Summer is when we bank all the energy for winter. Would be impossible with “real” batteries.


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My house is all electric (no gas), I live in NW Arizona.
From my last bill: Base Power Supply Charge kWh 1,696.40 @ $0.05582 $94.69. This was a good month, temperatures were nice.
On 01/08/10 I peaked at 3255.00KWH and $317.22 (ouch).
Oh, good point Tim… We do have gas as well. I actually had to upgrade the supply line this summer so we can install a 24 kW generator.

We live in an area where trees fall down all the damn time, taking out the power in the winter.
My monthly average in the last year is 633kW (this thread reminded me I had to pay my bill! Thanks!)

The majority of that is my AC and my bill reflects that. They have a nice little graph showing the temps in the area over the last year. The only other stuff I have on when I’m home is about 4 LED’s, TV/PS4/Surround sound/AxeFX/IMac…and refrigerator.

Highest usage in the summer was about 1600 kWh
Lowest usage in the winter was about 900 kWh

Air conditioning is definitely the biggest drain on electricity for us. But we also have two people working from home sucking up a lot of electricity as well.

I'm in Minnesota for reference. Newer energy efficient ~ 2500 square foot house with a family of five.

Natural gas is the opposite as we need to heat in the winter.

Highest usage in the winter was about 200 therms
Lowest usage in the summer was about 20 therms

I didn't realize how much more the cost of gas was last year as my bill is auto pay. Usually about $150-200 per month in the cold months, but last year it was twice that.
Looks like about 3500 (3484 to be exact) to the tune of about $600 ($599.28 to be exact). Sorry, that includes water/sewer. Electric only was about $420 (419.85 to be exact).

I’m sure a good portion of that was my dumbass running the pool heater and daytime temps being high enough to still run the AC quite a bit. There’s usually a 1:1 trade-off with AC/pool heater but I guess I double dipped!