Boss SY-1000


Why not, this can be the dedicated Boss SY-1000 thread.

So just the other day it got a new firmware update to version 1.08 and is said to have fixed any previous issues with sustained note glitches, OSC Synth latency reduced, and alternate tuning fixes.

I have updated mine just now, but yet to try out the latest firmware.

What makes the SY-1000 great is when used with the Roland GK divided (analog hexaphonic FYI), you get per string processing to some degree.
You have the usual normal 6 string input to apply amp/cab modeling and the usual array of effects to, but also 3 other input groups which can be synth types or normal strings, where you can select which separate strings apply to that group (INST1, INST2, INST3), apply amp/cab modeling to each group and separate effects to each group.
Quite a complex and deep machine under the hood.

Here is a picture of one