All Them Witches


Rock Star
I fluff this band everywhere I go, but seriously, I think they are probably the greatest "current" rock band out there. Seem like super cool dudes as well, and love watching their gear related videos.

I missed out on them last time they were here because it sold out. They're doing a 3 night run here this summer (2 sets each night, all unique from one another) and I have tickets to 1 night, hopefully can score tickets to the other two.

Some good introductory videos

Finally saw them on Saturday. As I anticipated, shit crushed. This was night 3 and they did Sleeping Through the War in full plus a really heady second set (encored with a brand new song as well).

Ben was rocking an LP and a Jazzmaster most of the night. Presumably still a bluesdriver and OCD through his Twin. Insane tone.

There was an "All them Witches Dj set/afterparty" at a smaller venue a block away afterwards (I've got a gig there coming up later this month)

I was very puzzled as to wtf this was but I went to find out. No one really knew what it was. including the band :rofl basically the 4 of them learned how to use a CDJ in real time and DJed the evening. It was odd and amusing but a good time. Parks was wandering around the crowd doodling on people