Red Solo Cup

How do you like yours setup? Do it yourself or pay a luthier? I have played electric guitar since @ 1980 and find myself to be a newbie in the acoustic world. My previous acoustic was an Ovation something or another. Currently, I own an Epiphone Hummingbird which is completely alien to the Strat, LP, Ibby and EBMM I own.
Anyway, just a day drinking, silly post I guess.
I’ve only got one and it’s been tricky finding the right string gauge for it because I use it for more overdubs than I do sitting down and playing an acoustic, so I’m always changing the tuning. It’s a Breedlove, not a super expensive one, I think I spent $500 on it a few years back and really enjoy it. I can point a 57 at the neck and with just a little eq and compression get it sounding great, regardless of the room.

I haven’t done more than filing the saddle down to lower the action and the occasional truss rod tweak, the intonation is outstanding on it so that’s never been a concern. I think that’s an issue I find with so many acoustics; unless you’re in the $1500 and up range, they almost all need the damn saddles sanded down to get the action even across the neck.

This is that Breedlove, along with a whoooole bunch of other guitar tracks in one of the few non-metal tunes I’ve done. Still needs vocals….I should get around to that at some point, I really liked how this one came out.

With acoustics playability is pretty good on anything over $500( can usually be set up to work ) but tone is EXPENSIVE, $4/5k is where it starts to get good.
One thing to look out for in any acoustic is how much saddle hight have you got over the top of the slot. This is super important when your wanting to lower the action at a later point when the top has lifted slightly (they all do eventually) without having to resort to a neck reset.
I only play inexpensive laminate acoustics. I live in a place with wild temp and humidity shifts and the humidity often drops into the teens for extended periods.

Babying a solid wood guitar is just too much work and stress here. That was why I sold my Taylor 327. I’m much happier with my cheap Yamahas because I’m not always worried about them
I have a couple of Gypsy Jazz boxes and nobody ever accused those of having a nice tone.