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New release!

York Audio is proud to present an IR pack unlike anything we’ve released so far. The KW 412 M25-SH Cab Pack is based on a Kerry Wright 4x12 cabinet loaded with UK made Celestion G12M 25w Greenback speakers. Kerry custom built this cabinet for fusion guitar legend Scott Henderson, and it was an honor to work with Scott in creating a truly special collection of IRs that faithfully replicate the sound of his personal cabinet. The tone is utterly inspiring with a warm and thick low end, signature vocal Greenback midrange, and an incredibly detailed and articulate top end with remarkable note definition and string to string clarity.

This pack is the culmination of months of hard work undergoing extensive testing and fine-tuning every detail in order to give you the most authentic representation of this legendary cabinet only the fortunate few who own a Kerry Wright 4x12 have experienced. You’ll find the standard York Audio feature set with captures of single mics and multi-mic Mixes as well as a “Scott Henderson” folder containing his personal mic placements he uses on this cabinet.

To make sure we did this cabinet justice, we made substantial studio upgrades which now include mastering grade conversion, more microphones, and more mic preamps. But the feature we’re most excited about introducing with this IR pack is the addition of new Stereo Room captures and Stereo Mixes that give you a natural stereo image using real room ambience. These tools can give your tone an “not this shit again” feeling when played through headphones or a stereo monitoring system.

Here’s what Scott Henderson had to say:
“I’m blown away by the York Audio KW 412 M25-SH. Justin York has captured my beloved 4x12 Kerry Wright cabinet and I can’t hear ANY difference! This is absolutely life changing for me!”

-Scott Henderson

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Sounds great, might end up buying this one and giving it a try on my Strymon Iridium.

Any plans to bring stereo mixes to the older cab packs?
I won’t lie, I didn’t know who Scott Henderson was. :bag Been fun YT’ing some of his stuff.
Sounds neat but I am so inundated with IR's that I don't think I could buy anymore. I think I have like 50 different types of greenback IR's.

Same here. Got the RedWirez Big Pack (and of course some others), sorted once and forever (especially as I'm quite quick in mixing and tweaking my own variations).
As some have said, I have zero need for this. I already have too much stuff and I'm actually mostly using an Eleven Rack these days and I'm loving the tone...

But I got it anyway... :facepalm I'm a Scott Henderson fanboy. He's been teasing a pack of IR's for years now I think. I just had to.

Using the first SM57 file from the SH folder and I'm as happy as one can be with their tone. Nice :beer
Are you running a dedicated IR loading unit along with it?
Not at the moment, just adding IR's with Mercuriall's Euphoria. So far I'm really liking it, but I'll wait for the honeymoon phase to fade out and if I feel the same I may very much consider adding something like a Nux Solid Studio at some point.
ZOMG. So tempted by this new IR.

I... I...

eat GIF

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I’ll make stereo mixes for packs moving forward, but can’t do them for packs I’ve already captured. The upgrades I made to the studio make me want to recapture everything all over again. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Well shit... I am intrigued... I really don't need any more IRs or cab sims and have bought almost everything out there, but I always go back to York IRs. Do you recommend a software loader btw? I been using STL Libra for awhile now but am open to trying something new.