What's my N+1?


My guitar (yes, singular 🤣) is an

and I love it! But I want to get polyamorous...

(I do have also an unloved modded Squier Strat that does not get played ever)

What should I get next? My (somewhat silly and unspecific) requirements are: Neck should probably be thicker than on the RG, roasted maple would be nice, chunky rhythm tones from classic hard rock to metal, blue or greenish finish 😜

Budget: < 3K€

The MIJ AZs look very nice but I am wondering if a different style of guitar would spice things up more? Maybe an LP-style guitar instead?
You buy as many as you feel you need to make yourself happy within your budget/means. Sometimes you want or need specific sounds, sometimes a look does it, sometimes you find a guitar with a rare quality and need a second one as a “just in case” if the first one gets broken.

Myself, I like H-H configuration guitars, and have a collection of 6-8 string instruments, and each one has it’s functional purpose and fits an aesthetic I like as well. It’s great to take your time and build a collection over years, considering each guitar you buy or play to be ‘you’ at a certain point in time as well.