Got my Two Notes Revolt today


Right now, or, what I WAS doing, (lol), was running my Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40 with an Orange 1x12 cab, and either my full Helix Floor or my Stomp XL effecting and controlling the GM40, and I also use IEMs.

At my last gig, it was parking garage, freight elevator, (stuff was all on my cart, one trip, but still), then wheel around some turns and then to the stage. Not the biggest deal, again, all on a cart, and all one trip, but, I brought too much stuff. I was too loud and was told to turn down, which I did, BUT, still, obviously, I didn't need what I brought. That, and the fact that, I'm getting older, and my body is feeling the gigging even more, and I'm ALWAYS looking to shrink the gear down, (to a fault), all has me interested in changing gears.

Let's get this part out of the way: I don't do modeling. I just don't. So, let that go. Just read and enjoy, and don't try to solve my problems with modeling.

So, I said to myself, "that's it, from now on, I'm either going to put my amp in front, pointing back at me, or better yet, just use the venue's wedges, when they actually fucking work, that is). I know that is live sound 101, and I've been gigging for a LONG time, but MOST the places I play have never given me volume complaints, so, it hasn't been a problem. So, when the Revolt came out, it looked like a pretty good solution for me, (tube-based, small, 3 channel preamp with onboard cab sim, midi controllable).

Because the Poly Capo in HX has been paramount for me, some kind of HX product is ALWAYS necessary, so the plan was, HX Stomp XL, Mission EXP, and a Revolt, on a Pedaltrain Jr-sized board, to be used direct, into the house wedge(s), and also IEMs, and if the house wedge doesn't work (it dumb as that is, happens more than it should, and we play GOOD places), as a backup, I could bring my Fender HRD, and go into the effects return, as a guitar monitor.

I'd say 90% of the places we play have good monitoring, and a lot of them, I control it myself via the mixing apps. It's that 10% where I might need some kind of backup situation. I like to have both IEMs and a speaker on stage, because I like the air moving at me, but I also like lower volume, ear protection, and listening to vocals with IEMs.

I ordered an open box Revolt from Sweetwater, it arrived today.

Let's get this out of the way, pt 2: the onboard speaker sim is shit. I'm sorry Two Notes, it's just not good.

Having said that, I was expecting that, going by what others have said, and the demos I've heard. My plan was/is, to use the pedal in conjunction with my ADA GCS3 analog cab sim, and if that sounded good (which it does), use it that way, and/or maybe get a CAB M+ down the line to use with it.

The ADA GCS3 is like your favorite IR. It just sounds SO good, no matter what I throw at it. I have used it with my Rockmaster preamp at home, an AMT SS-11a for a direct rig in the past, and even running pedals into my Fender, but tapping off the speaker out, to give the house and my ears a good analog cab sim, and it sounds amazing in every case.

I'm not going to cover ever nook and cranny with the Revolt, there are threads about it here and elsewhere, but, the clean is that big and bold American style super clean, which I like, and both gain channels are nice. So far, I like it better being boosted with a pedal inside my Stomp, than the onboard boosts, but they sound decent as well. The Crunch channel has a wide range of gain, and actually does have that modded Marshall kind of tone and clarity to it, to my ears. I'm no Soldano expert, but the Lead channel takes over where the crunch stops, and sounds really good as well. The shared EQ has not been a problem for me at all.

So, I'm going to try it all at the next gig. The place I'm playing has a good wedge, that should be working, lol, and lets me mix my own IEMs with the app, so there should be no issue. Again, I'll have my Fender in the car, in case I need it. Hopefully, I can move into that, "flyrig" is all that is necessary, kind of zone, and gig that way.

Honestly, I'd say most of the actual tone my ears hear, is from IEMs, so, even if each wedge at each place sounds a little different, the wedge is really just for pushing air and completing that live playing experience, I'm not going to be looking for the ultimate tones from wedges, but it has to sound good in my ears, and so far, this does. ;)
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