Vboutique Vumble 1x12 opinions?


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The Vboutique Vumble 1x12 offering seems like decent quality and they are available here in Canada through a dealer that I like for a reasonable price.

Can anybody vouch for the quality of these? I'll probably buy one unless somebody goes out of their way to warn me off.
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Do they make a VBoutique 2 x 10 Cab?

Just sayin'. :idk

They absolutely do.

And yes, 'tis inevitable.

I love love love the idea of a Super Princeton Reverb with FJ C1025s ...

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I'd love to have a Vibrolux too, but I can't be buying any more amps
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This "purchase decision gear advice" thing isn't really working out is it 🤔 💭

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I don’t have personal experience with them, but I have heard all good things and they have been recommended to me many times by people I trust with gear.

If I find myself shopping for a cab I’ll probably pick one up
1x12 or 2x10?

1x12 for now for the Neo V-Type.

The Bella is too big and wide at 24 inches to sit on my existing 20-inch Fender-style 1x12 and I'm tired of having the Bella on the floor or resting on other furniture near the old cab.

Also wanted something specced a little closer in size to the official Suhr Bella cab. If the Bella is staying with me for the rest of the year (or longer!), then I want a more muscular cab to go with that.

Maybe a 2x10 in the future, once I've seen the vboutique up close :cool:

Definitely would like more of those C1025 speakers in a 2x10 cab though. Pretty sure I've developed a 10" speaker fetish over the last couple of years.