@theswede...please explain

I cant really explain it other than it was a freak accident kinda of thing. Henrik, was (even then) and still is one of the most famous Swedish comedians and actors.

Gordon Cyrus and Henrik Schyffert met while working on a commercial and decided to collaborate on a music track.
[1] Schyffert recruited his then-girlfriend, Cia Berg, to perform vocals.[2] The band enjoyed some success, particularly in the European market. Their first single, 1993's "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe", was positively received by critics and received heavy spins in the Euro dance club scene and saturation airplay on MTV.[1] It reached the Top 10 in Denmark and Norway, Top 30 in the Netherlands and Austria, Top 40 in Sweden,[3] and No. 24 on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart.[4] It also reached No. 46 on the UK Singles Chart in 1994, and when reissued in 1995, reached No. 15.[5]

The music video for "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe", directed by Mark Pellington, won the first MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video in 1994.

Whale toured with Tricky,[6] Blur and Placebo.[7]