The horrible 80s/90s gear thread


We had one of these running on the metalguitarist forum a few years ago and these threads are tons of fun. Here's my total POS setup from the 90s that I thought was golden back then:

I bought (and quickly sold) a Boss DS-2 back then.

Basically because at that point I didn't know most higher-gain drives sounded much better into a hairy amp - or overdrive pedal into clean amp.
I remember the day I bought one of these. It was the coolest thing ever. It also had a headset mic for the talk-box effect.


Paired with my awesome Crate GX amp!

Ahh the Laney Linebacker SS bass amp, circa 1985... how I hateth thee, you total POS:


Worst amp I ever played. And my first.

I went Trace Elliot after that and it was pretty darned good!
As a child of the 80's this thread brings back nightmares :hugitout

The solid state Crate amp I had probably turned thousands and thousands of young guitar players away from guitar. I almost became a drummer :rimshot
I kept buying pedals with my allowance as a teenager trying to make it sound good until I finally got frustrated with it and bought an amp head and cab.

I had one of these, and thought that it was THE shit. Was so excited, I had to take it to my buddy's shop (same shop I now do web/photography for), and he just shit all over it, in the most polite way possible. :D