The great purge is happening


It’s happening. Everything last thing I own except for my Strat, my Les Paul, and my Yamaha acoustic is on its way to GC this afternoon. It’s all boxed up and ready to go.

I’m kind of excited. It’s actually a really freeing feeling to be getting rid of all this

We have an open membership enrollment in the sell once buy twice club. We look forward to your arrival.


I went through a purge and it was nice to be able to selectively focus on a couple things I’d use consistently, over doing the “need everything, use nothing” approach.
I want dat Marshall

I love that Marshall! I highly recommend them

Dang! I have never had any luck at GC selling things. I'm assuming this isn't your first time working with them?

I’ve got a guy there I’ve known a long time who I like working with. I’ll eat something on price vs selling it myself, but trying to sell stuff recently has been a nightmare and I’m tired of it.

Why? Do you have anything to play through?

Nope. Nothing :D
My GC gives 40% -max- of used value max so its a pretty big reaming :cry:

There's an independent store that does a little better but still not many good options around here. I try to only resort to that if I've been sitting on something for ages