The end of an era for me…


My favorite place in the world to play is closing its doors and I finished my last show there last night :cry:

It’s just a little local dinner theatre. It’s been a fixture of the community for over 40 years and has had more than its share of Broadway people and even a couple Hollywood stars grace its stage. Amazing musicians, incredibly talented actors and crew, and the most wonderful people. It feels like a family there.

Alas, times have changed and even though they are selling out night after night, and ticket prices are up to $75, the business model just doesn’t work anymore. There has been a surge of growth, property values have gone through the roof, and property taxes have followed suit. They’re just not able to make enough revenue with the size of the theater (it only seats around 300) to make it work.

It’s always sad to see a pillar of the artistic community fall… especially one so near and dear to my heart.

Lots of feelings as I sat there looking at my gear all packed up, ready to load out one last time

How long have you played there? I have to imagine your gear has come a long way as well!

I’ve actually only played there for 5 years. I’d wanted to play there forever, but it took a while to network my way in and for the right circumstances to open up a spot.

There are some who have been playing there 30+ years

Crazy with being sold out every night they can’t even make it

I know! Property and business taxes have just gone crazy. They said their only choice for making the business model work would be to tear down the theater and build a new one at least twice its size.
I’m shocked and saddened to hear that.
Where is this place that it can’t operate on $75 a head ?
This question is coming from a guy in NJ where taxes are pretty high.
We have a theater comparable in size here that’s still able to operate at less than $75 .
I lived in Austin about ten years ago and watched this happen there. Lots of pillars of the Austin artistic community and some really awesome mom & pop businesses replaced with corporate owned chains. So sad to see it happen.
That’s too bad. It’s always unfortunate when small businesses like this get forced out or shut down.
The Theatre in the small town I grew up in has been repurposed several times.

Originally a Cinema/Movie Theatre. Then it became a Playhouse. Now it is a Live Entertainment Venue that
also serves alcohol but no food.

I have seen so many places that once delivered live entertainment just go by the way side, and either become
vacant, get torn down, or become something else. I think when we look back we'll all realize what a decimating
series of blows live local and regional music establishments have suffered in the past 20-30 years. :(