Sounded like crap in the the room but...

I’ll be damned!!! It’s about time Zod!!! Sounds great!!! The craft brewing scene seems like a great place to do gigs!!! Do you guys do any original music or is it all covers? Tell your crew I’d love to fire up a blunt and put down a couple of growlers watching you guys play!!!
Turn It Up Dead City Radio GIF by Rob Zombie
Please no fat jokes. This is Helix direct to a single IP2000 array. The other speakers you see were not being used. I did not like what I heard in the room last night guitar tone-wise. Sounds good here i think.

What else is in your set list? I can picture a mix of classic hard rock doing well in those types of venues
I started the night accidentally with my 80's Tribute patch which right now has PV Vitriol Lead for dirt and a Litigator for cleans. Went to switch to my cover band patch between songs and it wasnt there. I must not have saved after I did a factory reset and rebuilt it so I just replaced the Vitriol with Placater Dirty and thats what is in these 2 clips.