Shot In The Dark live with Zakk.


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Sirius was playing it as I was driving home from the Electra-Dyne adventure. Holy shit what great match of composition with a take from someone who didn't write it. Zakk was RIPPING.

As much as people wonder about this upcoming Pantera tribute thing goes; I think Zakk is going to KILL it.
Nooooooooo! Pinch harmonic!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo some more!!! Pinch harmonic!!!!

Knock it off, Zakk!!


So many squealies that Dimebag is gonna rise from the grave and bitchslap the artificial harmonic right out of him!!!

So Sirius does this thing where they play live tracks. And sometimes you don't know where they were from (what live album, who is on it, blahblahblah). I found a Live and Loud(?) Ozzy thing with this track but Zakk was a little more, um; Zakk on it.

So either this was restrained early Zakk or it was Gus G and I wasn't aware. Not sure if I have a way to find out :rofl Whoever it was was an EXCELLENT combination of an original flawless composition for a solo played by someone who painted outside those lines in a respectful yet fantastic way.

So maybe not Zakk after all :hmm:rofl

I’m such a huge Zakk fan that his alternate picking vs Dime’s legato isn’t a bother to me. And pinch harmonics were invented to be overused. :chef

I just hope the Pantera tribute makes it’s way to my neck of the woods. I’ll definitely travel for that one.

No More Tears and Ozzmosis were huge albums for me. I remember hearing “Perry Mason” on MTV one day, shortly after I started playing and I was just floored. I had never heard guitars with that much energy, like the song could barely contain the guitars. Then that verse riff with all that swagger….that might even have been before I got into AIC, so I was still in my “everything that’s not Gilmour or EJ sucks” phase.
Dimebag was as full of guitar tricks as Zakk is full of pinch harmonics. So I think he will do great. I also think he might be a little "restrained" in order to pay respects to his friend. I'll certainly watch some clips of it once it starts happening \m/
As a huge Pantera fan, I can understand both sides of this debate. But if anyone was going to be doing this tribute, Zakk would be my first choice…I have no doubt he will do Dimebag justice…
zakk wylde GIF
As a huge Pantera fan, I can understand both sides of this debate. But if anyone was going to be doing this tribute, Zakk would be my first choice…I have no doubt he will do Dimebag justice…
zakk wylde GIF

He is really the ONLY choice. I just hope he goes for more of the character actor
approach than the "I got hired for this role because of who I am" approach.

Oh, and Anselmo is gonna be the weak link. We all know it. ;)
@Ola The Swede
I read that this version of Pantera will play the upcoming Sweden Rock Festival. Curious if you will be attending or have any interest to. What would really be fantastic is if The Haunted would be able to play it as well. I wish those kind of festivals would be put on here in the US.
My Pantera show bar is pretty high. I saw them on VDOP at the Aragon in Chicago. They were insane. I saw them with Morbid Angel (on Reinventing, iirc?) and they had a bunch of technical difficulties. They were handling it like absolute pros though. Even with Phil kind of in a not so good place? I want to say there was one more show somewhere either on Trendkill or Far Beyond but it was so long ago. I also say Phil and the Illegals on the Slayer farewell and they were KILLING it as well. I have my not so Pantera moments but those songs have a TON of pull. Even when it's not the 'original' 4 doing it.
Pantera had a Billboard chart-topping Number 1 Album. It's insane to think about in this
day and age. You almost can't believe it. The world has changed so much since then.

I worked record/music store retail at the time and we opened at midnight of a Tuesday
(which was new music release date back then) and there was a lineup of people outside
waiting to be let in to purchase Far Beyond Driven.
Saw them in Montreal for the cowboys from hell tour one of the first shows at this club called les Foufoune Electrique (Electric ass cheecks)
Me and 3 of my buds were sitting upstairs on a table looking down at the stage waiting for the show but we had gotten there early and lo and behold we see Dime and Vinny come and greet us they sit down with us we order some shooters talk and laugh
2 of the most down to earth funny, rowdy folks ive ever met
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