Recording sub forum?


Just picked up a focusrite 18i20 3rd gen and an octopre only to realize in complete and utter abject horror that there was no proper sub forum to let the homies know about my purchase lol.

I'm pretty new to recording but want to learn. I plan to record our rehearsals at first and then eventually record each song track by track.

What's everyone using for an interface and DAW these days?
I used a first gen 18i20 for many years and upgraded :farley to an Arturia 8pre a while back, sometimes wish i'd just gotten the 3rd gen Scarlett (much better routing options)

I use helix for all guitar work and switch back for vocal, midi, and mixing. I use a makie passive big knob to easily flip between the 2 interfaces.

Reaper is my DAW of choice :beer
I want to start. I’ve messed around with it a little bit but need to really dedicate some time to it to smooth out the process. I’d like to record audio and video and sync them up etc.

Currently using Logic on MacBook Pro.