Poll: Do you, have you or will you play live with your modeler?

Do you, have you or will you play live with your modeler?

  • I actively play live or in a band

  • I have no plans to play live or in a band

  • I am too old to play live but I use to

  • I play only for personal enjoyment

  • I am looking for a band to play with

  • I play live but use my amp

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Curious what the ratio is here!

Choose the one you feel is the most appropriate.
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yes. we have shows on 2/3 and 2/4 and are playing a house party the week before that.

helix into fx loop of my 5153 with one or two 4x12s
I voted I actively play live or in a band although I haven't played live since the COVID hit. I used the Kemper and AX8 live for several years before that. I started with please god make it stop monitors, everything from a Carvin to the CLR, but I ended up switching to guitar cabs and then I was very happy with my tone.
Used my FM9 with the last band I was in, not currently in one and have zero mental energy to even consider joining one any time soon.
There's no option for playing in a band but don't use my modeler.

(I assume you mean using the amp models. I use the effects on my FM9 with my band.)
I think this needed to be a multiple option poll. The "I'm too old for this s**t" option is what I picked but I'm not too old, just don't play live atm.
I stuck with one as I wanted to have a representation of each person individually.
I am going to play live until I cant carry a modeler and a guitar and do 3 hrs a of music. I am 54. I figure 6+ more years depending on if I take care of myself properly. Right now using a modeler and 4cm but if I have to go to just a modeler direct it wont break my heart if it means I can keep playing.
Before COVID, I regularly gigged a Kemper, and then an Axe II and Helix. Since COVID, I've been gigging my FM9. Currently running the FM9 into a Powercab+, but looking to get something better/lighter (emphasis on lighter), as being 50 sucks for loading in and out.

Bob, two of my band members are over 60. Unless you have some health issues, you can do eet.
At this point I merely play for my enjoyment or jam with friends. Haven’t played live in a long time.
Modelers didn't exist the last time I played live, but I am currently in 2 bands...
I play live and I'm in a band. I use my Helix for effects only in 4-cable-method with my amps, usually a Marshall JVM410HJS, Diezel VH4, or a Diezel D-Moll. I have other amps but I don't use them live. I've been doing this since 2016. Wow. That's quite a long time for a rig of mine to be dialed in and more or less static!

I also have an Axe FX III, which I have thought quite a lot about using live, because the FC12 controller would allow more possibilities. But honestly? Eric and Frank and the Line6'rs have been so cool to me that it would kinda feel like cheating!!! :rofl

I also record stuff with modellers. On the last album there are bits of Helix amp models, bits of the Kemper, loads of Helix effects as well as Boss and Strymon. I still used real amps for the majority of tones though.

In short - I can't really answer your poll, but I picked play live in a band and I play live but use my amp!