New Pedal Board Build into Dirty Shirley / Twin Sister


I drastically cut the size of my board down to just the things I'd need for a rock gig while still allowing for some flexibility. I use either a Dirty Shirley or Twin Sister as amps. This is the Twin Sister. I start out with the "clean" setting on the Twin Sister which allows for me to get clean with pickup selection or rolling back volume and then move to a dirty setting toward the end of the video. I'm just generally wanking here, testing out board for noise and to make sure everything is working. Don't expect virtuoso stuff.

The combination of overdrive settings on the SunSet allows for 4 levels of gain on each channel. I don't have the TimeLine set up yet, but it will allow for solo boost and solo delay as well as single and dual delays.

The biggest surprise in this build was the 535Q Mini wah. It's really great and I don't miss the feel of a full size wah pedal. Most of the surprise is that it doesn't hum whatsoever despite being on the board with the power supply. That probably says more about the Cioks DC7 than the wah, however.
Sounds good! I really dig the Dirty Shirley man. Played one a few years back and it’s one of the few amps that’s really tempted me…