Morning pedal board build.

Bob Zaod

Rock Star
Turning into a cheapie orgy. Building for the possibility of 3 different delays and just got the PXL Live so needed a reason to learn how to use it. One of the good things is I can put them in any physical order and change the actual order with the PXL Live. Fun stuff so far.


As I am going along the Rogue Analog delay will be an always on effect. The Alpha Cruncher distortion is terrible but the chorus and delay in it are usable. I love the Hot Mushroom comp and the VT-99 Tube Monster with the TS-7. I need to add my SD Pickup booster somewhere for a post clean boost. The Wave modulated delay is a great pedal, cheapness be damned. I may sacrifice the comp for the SD pickup booster now that I am typing stuff out and thinking more.
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