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Howdy all, What do you guys think of the Powercab (not the +)
using a pair with Helix Floor, thinking of Upgrading my Headrush FRFR108
I have been looking at the QSC or the Yamaha DBRX, Wondering if 2 Powercabs would be better? also considering they are less expensive and certainly a lot less than the Freidman ASM which the format is similar

Thanks all for you Input
I think you're going to have to listen to one yourself. It's a unique product, despite its stated aim of sounding like other more conventional products. Opinions vary really widely as to whether it succeeds at this. I personally didn't care for it: kind of a "neither fish nor fowl" thing. I prefer either a straight up FR speaker (like the QSC, Yamaha, etc. you're considering), or a power amp and real n x 12 cabinet, depending on what I'm after.
I think the consensus is that they are garbage.
I had a couple Yamaha DXR10's, they were quite good, but I concluded I want to hear my live tone though Celestions in a guitar cab. :giggle:
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i had 2 of them and sold em. they are ok if you raise them up to your ear level but how would you do that live? i had them on top of my my 4x12s and eventually just went back to real cabs. tilting them back while on the ground was not a very good option.
If you're thinking you have the money and volume capability to run a pair of power cabs; I would immediately figure out how to get some regular guitar cabs and a power amp.

I’ve read too many mixed and bad reviews on these, that I would suggest looking at other options. But I haven’t tried them myself, so take that for what it’s worth. (Probably not very much, LOL).
Yes they seem to get a lot of mixed reviews why i asked here ill trust more here wha people think rather than boobtoob review
was curious cause saw 2 used around my area one was 575$$ the other 600 $$ so that seemed in my budget range
I’m in the minority where I do like my Powercab (plus) but as just a straight "FRFR" solution I think you’d be better off going a different route. And if you were interested in the speaker sims I still wouldn’t unless you can convince one of the sellers to let you take it home and run it through it paces for at least weekend.

It’s definitely not a product that’s going to work for everybody and the regular Powercab on paper to me, definitely doesn’t seem worth it. Particularly since you have a full Floor, if you were to go that route, I think you’d be better of with the extra features of the Plus.