Is the Look of the guitar as important as its features and playability for you ?

Yes and no.
If i don't like the look all that much but it's not horrible, but it has the features and playability, than I'll get over the look. Learn to love it.
But if it's absolutely horrendous, no features can save it.
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Definitely yes most of the time, especially if it's my main one. I'll play and use anything if it's needed to capture a sound or whatever. But my main one must feel and look the part for me. Like an extension of my body and soul for me to connect to it the best, if that makes sense haha.

However I've been looking for the perfect guitar for 30 years and I'm still not satisfied lol.
I'd gladly play on the ugliest guitar if it felt like it played itself very well and sounded great. But that's unlikely to happen because I won't ever want to pick it up in the first place to try it. If guitar looks are skin deep, I'll never know :idk
I think there are plenty of guitars that look cool (to me) and also play great, that I don’t need to compromise.

But I certainly wouldn’t play a crappy or difficult playing guitar just because it looks cool.
Not even close. I like good looking guitars, but there are lots of guitars I love the looks of but I won’t play because I don’t like the features and playability
If the guitar is sitting in my house, when not being played, then it has to be a beautiful object. I don’t own many things and live in a fairly minimalist manner, so the visual appeal of my handful of individual objects counts.

When I’m playing it and looking down on the fretboard, I don’t give a shit what it looks like, however :LOL:
I love beautiful guitars but I gigged the majority of my 20's with a gawd awful teal monstrosity that was borderline embarrassing... but it FELT like home.

So, I guess that's my answer

TL;DR a mother's love is a mother's love
I should add the caveat that at the time I couldn't afford a prettier guitar.. bit if I could've... would I?

Heh…since this was my main guitar for nearly 15 years, I think that sums up my answer-


That said, I haven’t bought anything since that guitar that I haven’t enjoyed staring at and often have one on the couch and one on a stand next to the TV just so I can stare at them when I’m not playing. :ROFLMAO: 25 years later, I still stare at my JEM like it was the first day I got it.
I definitely subscribe to the idea of "Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good." Good is subjective, tho.

I swore I would never own a quilted guitar, just too gaudy. I ended up getting a smoking deal on one from a luthier I was getting to know and I'll be damned if it isnt one of the nicest playing/sounding guitars I've ever played. Never say never! :LOL:
Once I've decided on what guitar I want (features, play-ability, whose name is on it, haha!), I definitely choose based on looks.
And my tastes do change. I used to love the look of Les Pauls, but now not so much.
Yes, all day yes. Ugly guitars are uninspiring. Gorgeous ones make me want to play them.

My Candy Apple Red Solar is eye catching like a beautiful woman, for me at least.