If You Could Have A Signature Amp Who Would Build It, And What Would It Be??

la szum

Is this cool? Not cool? Should we gather and yell at clouds, or celebrate the newly

I think it is awesome a Joe Blow could have his own Signature Amp.

It got me to thinking about what we would have our signature amp be, and who would build it.
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It’d either be Mesa or Friedman.

4 channels-
1-Fender Clean
2-JTM45/Bassman Breakup
3-Chugga chugga w/ a 3-way switch that changes the voicing of the amp from a Friedman JJ/5150/MarkIV
4-Lead that’d most likely be Mark flavored

Stereo effects loop, everything MIDI assignable and a built in, self-cleaning fleshlight.
i am trying to think how i would improve my kruse modded 5153 and can't come up with much. i think the clean channel is way better than the stock one. the blue channel is just as good, not much can or should be done to improve that masterpiece. the red channel is vastly improved. adding the variable wattage knob is awesome and very handy. i guess you could add a noise gate, boost and power for pedals like the invective.

i dunno. i dont think i would go with a super complex amp at this point. they always look good on paper but i never keep them.
I haven't watched the video yet, but regarding that amp...

Why not have a signature amp for Rhett Schull? He teaches a ton of people about guitar and plays in a pretty good touring band. Same with Rick Beato and his signature, he gets many millions of views and makes pretty good videos that teach a lot of people about music. On the other end of the spectrum, Avril Lavigne and Machine Gun Kelly had signature models. At this point, who cares?

More specifically, I'm guessing this was the Port City collaboration which is a recreation of a vintage Gibson Skylark amp, correct? If that's the case, sounds like this would be a good thing to have on the market. There weren't any modern copies that exist today.
To your other question, if I had a signature amp...it would probably be not far from what Drew described (to a point...).

Sonically, I'd want a three channel amp. BF Bassman clean, Plexi-2203 crunch, and Friedman HBE/EVH 5150 III high gain. Physical knobs to control everything.

Preamp would be all analog designed around the Nutube so you don't have to worry about tube scarcity or quality. Power amp would be high quality class D solid state, either 100 watts per side stereo or bridge to mono, and ability to shut off. Effects loop between the two. Channel switching with MIDI integration. Integrated stereo IR loader with digital room reverb simulation for either DI or through a quality integrated headphone amp. Construction would allow for it to be either a standalone head or easy conversion to rack mounting.

Basically, the idea is to have three really good channels that can cover clean to high gain and be able to integrate with either pedals or any kind of digital effects solution. Flexible enough to run in practically any situation. No expensive tubes to worry about, and no need to crank it and run through an attenuator.

Essentially, it's not far from the Two Notes Revolt or a multi-channel Strymon Iridium, but all analog. You can run it with your Helix, or HX Stomp, or HX Effects, or Axe FX 3, or FM3, or a bunch of pedals, or no pedals.
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Something big and loud built by this guy..
i like Rhett, hes got the kinda burnt toast boring vibe but i enjoy his channel. not sure why him and others get so much slack for being youtubers but whatever. as for an amp, i really dont even know what i would do, i think id honestly feel silly having any signature gear. id say just the orange channel of my triple rec, maybe a built in ts9/sd1/fat sugar for different flavors and maybe a 7 band eq with some certain frequencies
Either Mezzabarba or Soldano because they’re both extraordinary humans. Matters more to me than the sound does.
Three channel Mesa Boogie. Channel one would be Vox AC Normal, and Top Boost, basically the TA series’ channel one.

Channels two and three would be the existing Badlander cloned channels.

Replace the CabClone IR with an actual Two Notes system. USB-C, not USB-B. MIDI. You all get fucking MIDI. No reverb; that’s for Strymons, you fools.

Can’t think what else I’d want, honestly. All this fanfare about ToneX, but I’ve been playing the Amplitube 5’s TA-30 and Triple Crown 100% exclusively. If IK added the Badlander, I’d shit and piss myself.
Probably a Friedman Rusty Trombone. Clean from the BE, channel 1 from the Slax and the high gain channel from Reza’s Custom 50