How many Genres of music do you listen to?

About 10 years ago I decided I was going to stop finding reasons to not like something and force myself to find something enjoyable about everything I heard and it’s been beneficial. There’s a bunch of modern pop that I would normally hate but can usually dig the production or something.

But saying ‘f*ck diplomacy’, metal/hard rock is my favorite, anything from the late 60’s to today. After that I’d just say anything ‘moody with atmosphere’ because that can be rock, EDM, classical, whatever. I love trip hop and a lot of electronic stuff. I love country guitarists, not so much country, though.

And if it came out in the 90’s and had a distorted guitar, I probably love it.
I like a lot of stuff, and dislike a lot of stuff too. I like a good classical piece ala Pagannini, old Motown, certain disco, love me some pop music, new wave, 80's, some blues, definitely prog (Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Rush), and of course classic rock, alt, and some metal. And I like some country twang too, and dig watching old videos of Les Paul & Mary Ford. And I don't know what you'd call Muse, but I love those guys, even though I started falling off around Simulation Theory (even though the show was awesome!), and their latest release I'm like, wtf?

Can't stand hip hop, most country, and the harder metal.
I mostly listen to drugged out jam bands these days but I listen to all kinds of stuff. post rock/metal, prog, math rock, other types of metal, bluegrass, drugged out edm like Tipper, funk, psyche stuff, 90s hip hop, jazz, etc. etc. etc.
I’m all over the place.

Metal head from way back; I love JP, IM, Anthrax, Pantera, Down and Crowbar and Acid Bath, plus newer stuff like Goatwhore.

I’m also a huge rap fan, older stuff like NWA and 2Pac, but lately it’s Logic and Eminem, that guy is the GOAT.

Also older semi rock stuff, Lindsey Buckingham is the shizz, I love older Fleetwood Mac.
metal , rock , pop , country , really almost every genre has something cool about it , exception to the rule for me is Jazz I just can't stand it
Rock, blues, classic rock, hair metal, metal, old school rap, gangsta rap, 80’s (rock, pop, and new wave), some prog rock, etc.

The rap stuff @Steinmetzify mentioned resonate For sure - I’ve been a huge rap fan from Eric B and Rakim, Run DMC, LL Cool J, De La Soul, 3rd Bass, to NWA, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, The D.O.C. to DMX to nowadays it’s mostly Logic, TechN9ne, Eminem, and NF. Yes, Eminem is the GOAT. But TechN9ne is really impressive too.

Almost anything except Jazz, Country, and Classical.
I have to admit I really like the Celtic stuff as of late like Blackmores Night is cool and relaxing
Candace has a beautiful voice , and the classic Irish stuff to
Wanted to be all smart and say I don't even think of genres, I just listen to what I like. Which is true, my Spotify is thoroughly confused what to suggest.
But then I remembered that an even bigger truth is that I no longer actively listen to anything. Don't remember last time I put headphones on and listened an entire album front to back. Ah, to be young again :confused:
I like pretty much every type of music under the sun, except country. I'm sorry. It's not the musicianship; it's the fact that where I grew up there was only 1 radio station that played the same modern country songs nonstop all. day. long. Mix it in with the "culture" there and it doesn't evoke a lot of fond memories :LOL:

That said, I do like folk and some classic country--the authentic stuff. It's just most of it from the 90s onward that I've heard so much I can recite all of it despite never going out of my way to listen to it, lol.
My own favorite genre is post-rock (mostly the -95 to -10 era), early Post-Rock. Its an addiction. But im listening to Adele right now... so... yeah. I listen to anything. Jeff Buckley is a hero... so im kinda all over the place. My kids, 8 and 12, constantly makes me listen to new "young" stuff, and that's cool to. Sometimes they sing some old 80's pop songs, then I realize they learned it from some YouTube memes, and they have no clue its an old classic song. Im like... "hey... that song is great one", and they like give me a strange look and say "yeeeeeah dad... whatever...."
Some of the auto-generated playlists on Spotify (daily mix and new releases or whatever) are good for helping me explore genres outside of what I tend to go to…