Eventide H90 then???

Analog dry thru isn't really important to me. Especially when it f***s up proper reverse delay and reverb algorithms, and swells and s**t like that.

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I'd have to look at one in depth to see how it would make more sense than an FM3 or Stomp as it would be relegated to post fx/routing duty only.

This would be my intended use as well, primarily for delays, clean boost, noise gate, and a small amount of modulation. I'd be interested in how it does for 4cm too, but it wouldn't be my first plan for it.

A lot of the modulations on the just-released Sweetwater demo sound artificial and cheesy, to my ears.

I'm sure we're about to be blasted with a whirlwind of YT demos/commercials, will be interesting to check it out.
If it's like the H9, which it sounds like it is, you can treat one of the stereo pairs as pre, one as post. So it wouldn't have to be just post fx. And the effects, again if it's as good as the H9, are better than the Stomp or FM3.
So poly pitch up front would be cool. I am assuming this doesn't do drives?
So poly pitch up front would be cool. I am assuming this doesn't do drives?

Seven new algorithms exploit the H90's raw power
• Polyphony - Pitch shift chords with ease using SIFT technology. Create rising or sinking chorus and crystals-type effects. Use Freeze to generate pad textures.
• Prism Shift - Generate three voices from a single chord whose intervals are separated, staggered, and pitch-shifted to create four arpeggio types spanning up to three octaves.
• Even-Vibe - Authentic Uni-Vibe emulation reimagined in stereo with envelope followers.
• Head Space - Vintage four-head Tape Delay with classic and modern creative tone shaping controls for grit, spatiality, and character.
• Bouquet Delay - Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) with modulation, LoFi, and Modern flavours; includes Pitch jump and Self-oscillation performance functions.
• Wormhole - A mega-sized hyper-modulated reverb with pitch warping performance.

Weedwacker - Two-stage, serial overdrive reminiscent of a famous green pedal.

Honestly, this is looking maybe perfect for me, if I'm looking to move on from the FM9 to something smaller and simpler for effects only. Either in 4cm or just in post...

I've kind of moved on from experimenting with amp modelling and am back to just using my Mesa and the FM9's (amazing) effects. And I absolutely LOVE all the Fractal effects. It's just such a big and heavy unit and greatly increases my board's weight and size... however having all those switches is really nice.... agghh, I'm torn.