Current (and apparently kinda lasting) Pedalboard Build

Sascha Franck

Rock Star
Looking at some of you folks' boards, this is nothing fancy but it serves pretty much all my purposes better than anything I almost ever used before. Also defenitely not built for any eye candy value, but I don't care too much and like it enough to get along with it.
In case anyone wants to know details, just fire away. Could record some snipplets, too.
Oh, outside of the board there's a Hotone Soulpress II (Wah/Vol pedal). I kept it outside explicitely because when recording at home, I raise the board so it's sitting next to me on my right, ready to be manipulated. The Soulpress fits into the space left of the Stomp for traveling duties.
And everything sits in a case permanently.
What's the patch bay/mixer on the upper right?

Small mini mixer (USB powered via some abused car cigarette lighter adapter below...). I'm using for these:
a) as a master monitor controller, independent from the FOH signal (FOH feed comes from a DI box mounted below the board), can even use the EQ for hi/lo cuts and boosts, quite handy.
b) for IEM gigs. I can feed the monitor signal (minus my own signal) into it and mix my own signal in quite quickly.
c) as a utility thing for all sorts of situations. No dedicated monitor for Mr. Franck? Well, get a split from the keyboard signal (usually all I really need on my monitor) and send it to the mixer as well (I always bring my own "FRFR" wedge).
d) to route my small acoustic rig into.

In fact, so far I don't need any of these too often (apart from monitor volume control, but I have a tiny EQ which worked well for that purpose before), so I might rip it off one day and only keep it in a utility case. More room for more pedal fun!