I'm currently in love with my new FM9T and really enjoying its Japan CE-2 for chorus. I don't use a ton of chorus but I like a light amount on cleans (for the one or two songs where I use a clean sound… :rofl). Being a child of the 70s and starting guitar in the 80s, BOSS-style chorus just sounds right to me.

Are there other Fractal ones you'd recommend?
I’ve been looking at delay pedals more than chorus lately, but I need to start paying attention. Between EJ/Gilmour (the inspiration for my pedal collection) there’s the TC Stereo Chorus and a CE-2, but I don’t want two different choruses so I’m thinking something programmable. I’m sure at some point I’m gonna want to get some Zakk Wylde tones out of the board as well…
My favorite chorus pedal is bizarrely the…

Strymon Deco.

Doesn’t get advertised as such, but I think it’s secretly the best flanger and chorus pedal on the market. (For my tastes at least)

In the loop
The Boss CH-1 for light chorus
The DOD FX65 for big wide chorus
In the front
The NU-X does this warbly type thing
I've had my eye on a couple. The Walrus Julia has a great reputation for modern chorus, and I have a Walrus ARP-87 which is neat. But I had a Boss CH-1 in the late 90's and I think I'd want to play one of those again.

In fact sometimes I'm tempted to put together a mini Boss board with a CH-1, a BD-2, a DD-8, maybe a couple other fun things. Also, I really wish Boss made an RV-200. Then I would be tempted to put together a DD-200, RV-200, MD-200, and OD-200 board.
a mobius and H9 on my main board, but a UA modulation unit (astra?) on my new board.

my favorite chorus of all time is still the old tri-stereo chorus, which i am getting in a rack from my buddy bob.
I just picked up an EHX Neo Clone for $50 used. It sounds great! One knob (rate) and one switch (depth). With the depth on high and rate down, it's a really nice deep 80's chorus. Sounds great with some delay.
No pedals for me, just modelers. Tri-Chorus on the FM3, Trinity Chorus on the Stomp. Guess I am a sucker for Dytronics-style. :grin

Yeah that’s something I don’t love about pedals. They are often mono. Sound great but I’m so addicted to stereo. That’s where I really like the Stomp or FM3. It’s fun putting together a pedalboard but I keep shopping for super expensive stereo pedals.

I had a hybrid board with the Hx Stomp and iridium and a couple pedals but I took it apart and made a board for my Catalyst instead. I don’t mind mono at all when playing through an actual amp.

Anyways I will probably end up with a little Walrus board…I have an ARP 87 delay and just got an Ages OD for cheap. I’ll grab a Julia at some point for chorus because I really want that mix control. Maybe one of those ambient reverb pedals too…
I've got an old Boss Super Chorus and a Pigtronix Quantum

Really enjoy the Quantum; shit has that ooey gooey old school sound