Band Lineups Trivia


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Man, my knowledge of who's who in bands, overall is pathetic, if I wanna call myself a rock guitarist!

I just found a new-to-me YouTube tab site, so I'm checking out Rainbow in the Dark, once again being blown away at how fast the solo is! And I can't remember who played it, so I google it and it's Vivian Campbell, whom I remembered from his replacing John Sykes in Whitesnake, but I had forgotten he played in Dio. And even though I'd seen his name with Def Leppard, I guess I just never made the connection.

So I'm reading up on these bands, and it turns out that Jake E. Lee was actually Ronnie's first guitarist, but not for long, and he came from Rough Cutt, whom I'd never heard of until they were mentioned here in another thread.

Jeez I feel dumb. I should know more of this stuff!

Sometimes when I'm bored, I pick 2 musicians and see how many degrees of separation it takes before I can connect them.

Like, oh, Idk..., Brain May and John Bonham. Hmmm...

Ok, I got it- Queen played/toured with Paul Rodgers for a few years, Paul sang with Page in The Firm, and of course Page & Bonham were in LZ.

Anyone have any trivia of band lineups, or cool related stuff, (like Ozzy telling Jake he had to fire George Lynch- that I actually knew, Lol) that might actually make some of us say, "Huh. I didn't know that"?
Oh dude, if you start digging into the late 70’s/early 80’s LA scene it gets all kinds of incestuous and I‘ve forgotten more than I currently know. I didn’t find out about Lynch in Ozzy until recently. I can’t remember if it was just Sarzo and Rhoads who were in Quiet Riot, but for some reason that band is popping in my head as being the hub of guys who were in and out of a ton of bands back then.