Arion Stereo Chorus


I dug out the Arion SCH-ZD I bought 10 years or so ago, it was like $40 from Japan shipped to Norway.

Not the SCH-1 Landau made expensive, but their latest version without a volume boost when turned on. The tone suck in bypass seems a tad better than the old ones too.

It just drips fat analog chorus, full of juicy character , here's a clip in more of a "Leslie" mode in mono:

Made this stereo clip a few years ago, a little test between its wet+dry mode vs its stereo mode:

Possibly the best $40 I've spent! :)
I had all Arion stuff when I was a kid. It was all I could afford at the time. It's still kind of funny how all those things have become somewhat collectible whereas at the time I was like "Man I wish I could afford a Boss pedal".
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